A Century of Service

Features the Publication


President Donald Trump

Commander in Chief

Governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina

Senator John McCain

Chairman Senate Armed Services Committee


Major General Erik Kurilla

82nd Airborne Commander

Chief of Staff of the National Security Council

General Henry Shelton (Ret)

Former 82nd Airborne Commander

Col. Kelly Holbert

43rd AMOG Commander

Also look for letters from...
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, XVIII Airborne Commander LT. GEN Stephen Townsend, Chairman House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Thornberry, Chairman House Veterans Affairs Chairman Senate Veterans Affairs, Former Commander, Gen. USA (Ret) Hugh Shelton, 43rd AMOG commander, Col. Kelly Holbert, Actor, Gary Sinise, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes

Publication Stories

History & Engagements

Covered is the history & Engagements in chronological order from 1917 to the present.

Aircraft & Weapons of The 82nd Airborne

We examine the various aircraft & weapons systems used to deliver & support the Paratroopers & their equipment into denied areas for them fight on & win.

Nicknames & Mottos

Known officially as America’s Guard of Honor.

Medal of Honor Recipients & Unit Decorations

A listing of the Medal of Honor recipients & Unit Decorations.

Fayetteville Salute

We can’t fail to mention the crucial role Fayetteville serves for America.

82nd Combat Aviation Brigade

This year as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the America’s Guard of Honor the famed 82nd Airborne Division (All Americans) it also marks a milestone for the mission critical 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade which will recognize its 30th anniversary which will be covered in A Century of Service.

Famous/Notable Members

Famous musicians to Famous Actors have worm the All American patch. A detailed list will be included.

The Maroon Beret

Has been an international symbol of Airborne Forces since the Second World War.