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Podcast: All American Legacy

The History of the 82nd Airborne Division

From its birth in 1917 before World War I, through its redesignation as the nation's first Airborne Division for World War II, the lesser-known conflicts in Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Grenada, to today where our Paratroopers continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan - no other military unit boasts the history and legacy of the 82nd Airborne Division.  Join us as we explore the 100 years of courage, sacrifice, and victories that define the All Americans through the eyes of the Paratroopers who lived it.

The 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum

The 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum was established in 1945 to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the history of the Division from 1917 to the present.

The primary purpose of the museum is education: To tell the military and civilian communities about the Division.